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Need a new logo? Need to revamp your current brand to reach your targeted audience? We offer design services for website development, merchandise, flyers, apps, and much more. 


We help promote your club's social media presence, advertising, outreach, and much more.  

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Stategy & Structure

We help structure the internal organization of your club. If your club's progress is stagnant, we can also strategize next steps. 

Membership & Engagement

Struggling to keep your members engaged, especially through Zoom? We strategize plans to incentivize your members and create a sense of community.  

Starting an Organization from Scratch

We provide you with the necessary resources and advice to strategically maximize the potential of your new organization. 

Remote Learning

We are extending our services to clubs that are having difficulty transitioning to remote learning due to COVID-19 without compromising its full potential.  

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal is to help you create a safe space for your members to discuss and learn more about the socioeconomic and cultural issues of today's society. The goal is to create an inclusive environment that welcomes different backgrounds and perspectives.